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New Khenmos

Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery’s Brief Report 2023

Today we have a total of 109 nuns in our nunnery. If we look at it, This year was actually very auspicious because we celebrated, newly khenmos and Khenpos enthronement ceremony at our Drikung Kagyu College, (Buddhist philosophy) in the presence of HH The Drikung Kyabgon Chesang Rinpoche, two of the great abbots drikung kagyu […]

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New monks for the monastery in Tserkamo

Support in the difficult continuation of a monastery rich in tradition. The teachings of the Buddha have been passed on and practiced for over 2600 years thanks to the great scholars and meditation masters who have kept these precious teachings alive in their original, authentic form. However, in recent decades we have seen a decline […]

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Nalanda Institut_3_16zu9

Nalanda Institute Ladakh

Educational center for orphans and needy children in the Himalayas. Help us to build their future! “It is my heart’s desire to provide a future for the children of my homeland and to free them from the vicious circle of poverty and lack of perspective,” says Lama Konchok Samten, founder and chairman of Himalaya Haus […]

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Heiligkeit Nonnen

Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery’s brief Report 2022

The year started on a very auspicious note. Six nuns completed their graduation and three of them are now teaching here at the nunnery. Staff changes in the monastery After his beautiful journey as the Retreat Master, Drupon Tenzin La has now resigned from this responsibility and is currently leading the monthly Kundrick rituals. Ani […]

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Lapchi children2

Lapchi Children Project – Looking for Sponsorships

The people residing in Lapchi (eastern Nepal) are poor and live in simple homes made of stones and metal roofs with no basic utilities like electricity, heat, hot water and gas for cooking. After the earthquake, the situation got only worse. Many of their simple homes were destroyed and have to be rebuilt. Many families […]

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Amitabha Retreat Center

Monks in Bylakuppe and Nepal need your support!

The Amitabha Mandala Retreat Center in Nepal recently welcomed a new group of 45 monks. They are presently getting adjusted, with 4 or 5 together in small rooms. The Retreat Center does not have proper monks’ quarters, but parents who are desperate keep asking for their children to be taken in. Ten more boys are […]

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South India’s Daily Wagers need our help

In South India, among those most affected by the pandemic are the daily wagers. They have lost their jobs and are facing immense difficulty in surviving without transportation, food and medicines during the current lockdown. Most daily wagers make only $8 per day when they are working. Ayang Rinpoche is initiating a charity program to […]

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Please Help Lho Ontul Rinpoche Feed The People Of Tsopema

Show Your Love Through Giving Fundraising for Tso Pema: A Community in Need of Food Dear Dharma brothers and sisters, We all are in the midst of unprecedented times which have inflicted much suffering due to COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the hard lockdown controls in India, many people are suffering because they are not able […]

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Join the Vikramashila Translation Project

Vikramashila Research and Translation Project under the Guidance of Khenchen Nyima Gyaltsen Rinpoche One of the most important projects of the Garchen Foundation is to support scientific research projects in the field of Tibetan Buddhism. The goal is mainly the promotion of text projects, i.e. the translation and printing of ancient Tibetan Buddhist teaching and […]

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