South India’s Daily Wagers need our help

In South India, among those most affected by the pandemic are the daily wagers. They have lost their jobs and are facing immense difficulty in surviving without transportation, food and medicines during the current lockdown. Most daily wagers make only $8 per day when they are working.

Ayang Rinpoche is initiating a charity program to distribute food to these poorest families. In this way, the monastery and Drikung Charitable Society can make sure the daily wagers receive necessities directly into their hands.

If you, or any of Rinpoche’s students and their friends and families, would like to join in this food distribution initiative, you are welcome to donate either through the world-wide Amitabha Foundations or directly to the monastery’s account. They would appreciate receiving the funds by May 3. (Later transferred donations are most welcome too and very helpful.)

Your can make an offering through the account of Amitabha Foundation Germany. You may make a one-time or recurring gift of any amount, or at one of the suggested levels:

  • $24 for 3 day’s wages
  • $56 for one week’s wages
  • $240 for one month’s wages

Rinpoche welcomes you to include names for dedication. Please use the field in the payment to include your names.

May all beings benefit by our generosity!

For Ayang Rinpoche and everyone at Amitabha Foundation USA

News from End of April

Food distribution to 3000 poor households in rural villages due to the loss of job as a result of the lockdown to contain the spread of the corona virus.

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