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Lapchi Children Project – Looking for Sponsorships

The people residing in Lapchi (eastern Nepal) are poor and live in simple homes made of stones and metal roofs with no basic utilities like electricity, heat, hot water and gas for cooking. After the earthquake, the situation got only worse. Many of their simple homes were destroyed and have to be rebuilt. Many families lost animal live stocks like yak and cows that they greatly depend on. Some even lost family members. Under such harsh conditions, these parents who are overburdened by the heavy daily tasks raised genuine concern about the safety and the welfare of their children. They personally brought their children to Lapchi Compassion Home to seek help in the hope to secure food, safe lodging and proper education that may change the life of their children. It is also out of their trust in Lapchi Compassion Home that they take this very seriously.

Out of compassion and after great consideration, executive members under the supreme guidance of His Eminence Drubwang Nubpa Rinpoche decided to extend Lapchi Compassion Home to Kathmandu. Under this new extended organization, with the help from three very competent staff, 13 girls and 1 boy between aged 4 to 7 have now moved to Kathmandu. They stay in a newly renovated home, under the great care of the staff and are enrolled in local school in Kathmandu. The parents happily accepted the project and they came personally to Kathmandu to drop off their children to the new Lapchi Compassion Home in Kathmandu for schooling. In this way, Lapchi Compassion Home helps to lessen the burden of their parents.

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