Meditation practice against the pandemic by H.H. Drikung Kyabgon Tinle Lhundup (+Parnashavari text download)

Announcement of H.H. Drikung Kyabgon Thinley Lhundup –

Due to the worldwide outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19) I contact all Drikung Kagyü monasteries and centers as well as ordained and lay practitioners with the request to practice the Dakini Parnashavari daily and to recite the mantra. She is the highest mother of all Buddhas and appears in this form to pacify diseases. Some time ago I published the very short Sadhana of Dakini Parnashavari. Today I would like to present this new compilation of the practice of Dakini Parnashavari from the collected works of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön. Even the verses in this work are quotes of his writings.

If you want to learn more about the Kalash Sadhana by Dakini Parnashavari, you can search for it in the collected works of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön. I request that this Sadhana will be translated into as many languages ​​as possible so that it can spread far and wide. This practice requires that everyone practices it with love and compassion.

I pray that this practice will quickly overcome all the negative deeds and obstacles of both the deceased and the living and will quickly establish them in enlightenment.

Konchok Tenzin Kunzang Thinley Lhundup, better known as Gyalwa Drikungpa, on the 16th day of the first Tibetan month of the Iron Mouse Year (March 10, 2020), Escondido, USA.

Oral transmission (tib. Lung) from H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Tinle Lhundrup (Praise, Mantra, Dedication)

NEW! Recitation of Parnashavari mantra by H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Tinle Lhundrup (Youtube)

NEW! Parnashavari thangka (download 32 MB)

NEW! Explanation of Parnashavari mantra (pdf file)

The Sadhana of Parnashavari

An English translation of the Sadhana, which His Holiness has compiled, was prepared by the Rinchenpal Translation Project. By clicking on the links below, the three versions with different format can be downloaded as PDF files.

New Version Parnashavari Sadhana English RTP (Tibetan format)

Parnashavari_Sadhana_A5_English updated (A5 brochure)

Parnashavari_Sadhana_Tib_English updated (Tibetan format)

If you want to have a printed text of the sadhana, you can order it from the Mandala online shop: The Parnashavari Sadhana


Drubpön Lhundrup gave general explanations for the practice in the current situation on March 21st and also briefly explained the practice of Parnashavari and practiced the short version together with others. The video can be seen on facebook. The practice begins after 56 min.

NEW! On April 1st H.E. Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche gave an oral transmission of the Parnashavari sadhana and teachings for the practice on facebook. You can listen the mantra with music on YouTube.

NEW! Drubpön Kunsang gave teachings in English and German on Parnashavari practice on April 5th on facebook.

NEW!  Drubpön Tsering gave the empowerment, the teaching on meditation and the practice of Parnashavari each in one session. The links to the vidos of this Parnashavari Retreat are available in the office of Drikung Garchen Institut (

Praise and Mantra of Parnashavari

Here you can download a short version Parnashavari practice which contains the praise, mantra and dedication :

Parnashavari_Praise_A5_English (A5 brochure)

Drubpön Kunsang recorded the short version. You can hear it at Youtube.