Texts for 2024 Winter Retreat and Teachings with Drupon Thinley Ningpo Rinpoche

Dear practicioners,

we are happy that you are joining the Winter Retreat and Teachings 2024 in the US. The Mar-Ngok Group (https://mar-ngok.de) has prepared a number of texts for Hevajra and Nairatmya practice under the guidance of H.H. Drikung Kyabgon Thinle Lhundup and this is still in process. It took a lot of effort for the members of our group to create the sadhanas on basis of the old Tibetan texts.

You can download the sadhanas for free but we ask for your support of the project as it depends on donations. Please help us so that we can maintain and expand our activities.

The Mar-Ngok Group


Hevajra middle length yabyum sadhana (Phonetics/English)

Hevajra middle length yabyum sadhana (Tibetan/English)

Hevajra very short daily practice