Empowering Education: Join Us in Spreading Buddhist Wisdom

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Education is the heart of transformation and understanding—a vision we at the European Buddhist Union hold dear as we strive to foster knowledge and tolerance through the teachings of Buddhism across Europe. Our educational project “Windows into Buddhism”, has made significant strides in bringing authentic Buddhist teachings into classrooms, enriching students’ learning experiences with the values of compassion and mindfulness.

Launched in 2022, “Windows into Buddhism” has become an indispensable resource, providing teachers and students with access to meticulously curated materials that illuminate Buddhist philosophy and practice. This platform not only supports academic curricula but also serves as a bridge connecting educators across Europe through webinars and collaborative projects.

Despite the achievements, there remains much to do. The demand for high-quality, accessible Buddhist teachings is growing, and to meet this need, we are seeking your support to continue our mission. With your help, we can expand our offerings, including the development of new educational modules that delve into Engaged Buddhism and its relevance to societal challenges like environmental sustainability.

You find more information about the project here.

Your Support Can Light the Way

We are at a pivotal moment, ready to broaden our impact but requiring the necessary funds to ensure our projects not only survive but thrive. For the coming year, we aim to raise enough funds to cover critical activities such as content development, website enhancement, and the organization of educational events that will benefit teachers and students alike.

By contributing to our cause, you are not just donating to a project but investing in a future where education fosters peace and understanding through the profound wisdom of Buddhism. Together, we can create a legacy of knowledge and compassion that will resonate across generations.

Please support our project via Paypal or credit card here (type “WiB” as a comment)

Thank you for considering supporting this vital work. Every contribution brings us closer to a more enlightened world.

With gratitude,
EBU Staff