Chöd Meditation


Drubpön Chamspa Rigzin

Chöd Meditation
Wonderful Recording of “Kusali Tsog Sog” with Chöd Drum und Bell
(Total Time: 36:35)

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Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön composed a chöd practice which he called “Kusali Tsog Sog”, i.e. “The method of poor practitioners to accumulate merit”.
Drubpön Chamspa Rigzin is a master of this meditation, which uses a chöd drum and a bell in addition to chanting. The steady rhythm in which the instruments are played and the beautiful melodies with which the text is chanted make this practice one of the most beautiful meditations in Vajrayana Buddhism.

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1. Bodhicitta (0:23)
2. Invitation (0:52)
3. White Offering (14:36)
4. Red Offering (13:16)
5. Dedication (5:01)
6. Tummo Sum Tseg (2:27)
Total Time:  36:35