Chanting from the Heart


Khenchen Könchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche
Gesamtspieldauer: 56:22


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Through the great kindness of Rinpoche we have been so fortunate to record this CD. The first track contains short a refuge prayer and motivation prayer. The CD ends with the dedication and auspicious prayers. Each supplication of a deity has three parts: praise, mantra and dedication. On the CD each part is a single track so that you are able to repeat a mantra for a longer time.

Audio sample: Supplication to the Lamas

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01. Refuge & Bodhicitta (3:18)
02.-04. Supplication to the Lamas (7:20)
05.-07. Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön Mantra (7:26)
08.-10. Vajrasattva Mantra (6:02)
11.-13. Manjushri Mantra (5:04)
14.-16. Green Tara Mantra (6:40)
17.-19. White Tara Mantra (6:30)
20.-22. Achi Chökyi Dölma Mantra (10:20)
23. Dedication and Auspicious Prayers (3:32)
Total Time: (56:22)