New Year’s Message H.H. Thinley Lhundup

“On this auspicious day of the Tibetan Year of the Iron Mouse, I would like to express “Tashi Delek” to all dearest brothers and sisters all over the world. I believe the new year will bring the stream of auspiciousness.

In this world, there are many problems, such as contagious diseases, violent wars and environmental for pollution, etc. and all beings must make joyous effort in generating love and compassion which can give birth to a world of peace, peaceful and harmonious society and family harmony.’

All of us have equal responsibility to make joyous effort for the wellbeing of humanity. Thus the most important thing to do is to apply these things into practice for the welfare of beings. Therefore I wholeheartedly take this opportunity to convey this message and I will also pray for all mother beings to have a perfectly healthy body and mind.”