Samtenling Nunnery 2019 – their report and your support

We have a total of 100 nuns now, fourteen nuns from the ages of 19 to 41 joined the nunnery from Dolpo village on the Tibet/Nepal border few months back. They had not studied earlier so they are beginning from primary classes. They seemed a little lost in the beginning but they are now well settled.

Fourteen young nuns from the ages of 8 to 14 arrived between two to three years. Of which one was taken back back by her parents. They had all come from the plains of Nepal. They are very happy here and doing well with their studies.

Some of our nuns attended a debate at the Sakya college, one older nun represented us during the Senior Lama’s meeting at Dharamsala. A group of eight nuns went to Vana Center to perform Kunrig prayers and Choe. This was attended by about fifty Indians and Westerners. Two nuns went to Kirti Monastery in Dharamsala to attend a teacher’s training workshop.

On the whole the nuns are studying dharma, Hindi, Maths, English and social studies. We now have eight nun teachers with Acharya diplomas who are teaching at Samtenling. The office Director and Secretary are both nuns. Two Acharya nuns went out of the nunnery to pursue further studies.

One nun completed her yoga course and is a yoga teacher now. Another nun completed a thanka painting course and she too received her diploma. They both returned to Samtenling and will take work from outside for income generating for the nunnery. Former secretary Acharya Kunsang plans to attend the USA fellowship, so Acharya Yeshi, who has returned from a one year Fellowship course in USA has taken her post.

Eleven Retreat nuns came out of their three years, three months retreat to offer Dechok fire puja for two weeks. These days they are out of retreat for the Tibetan New Year holidays. They all kept in good health.

As earlier we have the retreat, the college section, monastery section and primary school.

We are very happy that all is fine and the nuns are keeping well and studying well. We are always grateful to our sponsors for your support.

Thank you and good wishes,
Director Kunsang Dolma and Secretary Yeshe

Sponsorship and support

If you like to support Samtenling nunnery, the main nunnery of Drikung lineage in exil, with a donation, it will have a great benefit for the development of nuns. It helps to cover food and education expenses, so that the nuns can study and practice well, in the same way as the monks do.
You can transfer your contribution to the account of the Drikung Center in Aachen, Germany with the purpose “Samtenling nunnery”.

It is possible to take a sponsorship for a nun. 40 € are necessary to cover the monthly costs for education, food, accomodation and health care. If you are interested please contact the Drikung Center in Aachen, Germany.