Rays of Sunlight


A Commentary on The Heart of the Mahayana Teachings

Ayang Thubten Rinpoche

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Ayang Thubten Rinpoche’s Rays of Sunlight is a commentary on Zhedang Dorje’s The Heart of the Mahayana Teachings, a detailed guide to the stages of the path to awakening. Containing all of the Drikung Kagyu tradition’s essential teachings on sutra and tantra, Rays of Sunlight is one of the most treasured works in the Drikung Kagyu tradition.

Like Gampopa’s Jewel Ornament of Liberation, the text Rays of Sunlight begins with a discussion of Buddha-nature, the nascent Buddha within all beings, before presenting the sequential practices we must cultivate to fully awaken its transcendent qualities. With its lucid explanation of how a single individual can uphold the pratimoksha vows, bodhisattva precepts, and tantric samaya without contra-diction, Rays of Sunlight is sure to be of interest to dedicated practitioners of all traditions. And for those with an affinity for the profound path of meditation, the text closes with an extraordinary explanation of “The Fivefold Path of Mahamudra.”


168 pages