Gongchig – The Single Intent


The Single Intent, the Sacred Dharma

Jigten Sumgön

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The Gongchig (The Single Intent or the Unified Enlightened-Thought) is regarded as the most distinctive teaching of the Drigung Kagyu lineage. It represents the culmination of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön’s (1143-1217) study, practice and realization of sutra and tantra teachings as bestowed exclusively on his heart-son, Chenga Sherab Jungne (1187-1241).

The title of the treatise, The Single Intent, points to the fact that Jigten Sumgön’s and the Buddha’s intentions were the same. As Rinchen Jangchub, the younger brother of Sherab Jungne and the first commentator of the Gongchig put it: “Each of the vajra-statements has a different meaning, yet in every single statement the meaning of all is summarized. Therefore this teaching is identical with the intention of the Buddha.”

280 pages