Complete Package: Meditation volumes 1, 2 and 3 at a special price


Volume 1: Brief Meditation Practices – Compilation for Regular Exercise
Volume 2: The Heart Essence of Practice – Compilation of the Fivefold Path of Mahamudra
Volume 3: Prayers of Drikung Kagyü Lineage – Compilation from Sutras and Tantras

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H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Chetsang Rinpoche has initiated a series of meditation volumes under the title “Meditations and Prayers of Tibetan Buddhism”, which summarise important meditation texts in a clearly arranged form.

The first three volumes include.

Content Volume 1:
– Preliminary Recitations (001-040-a5-en)
– Sādhana of the Founder Shākyamuni and extended Refuge (020-001-a5-en)
– A fine gentle Rain (004-002-a5-en)
– The very brief Guru Puja of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgön (021-003-a5-en)
– The 14 root Downfalls of the Secret Mantra Vajrayana (004-095-a5-en)
– The Ganacakra Song of Drikung Kagyü (005-021-a5-en)
– The Meditation and Recitation Practice of Vajrasattva (011-030-a5-en)
– The brief daily Practice of the Exalted Avalokiteshvara (022-001-a5-en)
– The very brief Sādhana of Manjushrī (027-001-a5-en)
– The daily Practice of the Exalted Tāra (025-001-a5-en)
– The Seven Protectors (025-050-a5-en)
– The brief Sādhana of the Exalted White Tāra (025-022-a5-en)
– The Daily Practice of Buddha Amitābha (023-002-a5-en)
– The Meditation and Recitation of Medicine Buddha (026-002-a5-en)
– The very brief daily Practice of Vajrapāni (054-002-a5-en)
– The Sādhana of (yellow) Jambala (033-001-a5-en)
– The brief daily Practice of Achi Chökyi Dölma (052-003-a5-en)
– Concluding Recitations (001-040-a5-en)

Content Volume 2:
– Preliminary Recitations (001-040-a5-en)
– The Practice of Buddha Amitāyus (024-001-a5-en)
– The brief Preliminary Practices (011-001-a5-en)
– The Stream of Blessings (010-001-a5-en)
– The Supplication of the Fivefold Path of Mahāmudrā (016-003-a5-en)
– Concluding Recitations (001-040-a5-en)

Content Volume 3:
– Sūtra of Recollection the Three Jewels (004-016-a5-en)
– Extolling the King of Shakya on account of the Twelve Deeds (004-004-a5-en)
– Invocation of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha & The Seven Limbs (004-003-a5-en)
– Serkhangma (004-005-a5-en)
– Supplication in Seven Verse Lines to Padmasambhava (053-002-a5-en)
– The Golden Garland of the Lineage Holders (004-017-a5-en)
– The Heart-Essence of Wisdom (Heart Sūtra) (004-006-a5-en)
– Sūtra of the Three Superior Heaps (004-010-a5-en)
– General Confession (004-011-a5-en)
– Praises to the 21 Tāras (025-051-a5-en)
– The Treasury of Benefit and Happiness (022-060-a5-en)
– Aspiration Prayer to be born in Sukhāvati (023-051-a5-en)
– Brief Sukhāvati Prayer (023-050-a5-en)
– King of Aspiration to Noble Deeds (004-009-a5-en)
– Long Life Prayer for Their Holinesses, the Drikung Kyabgöns (003-015-a5-en)
– Aspiration Prayer for the Propagation of the Teaching (004-015-a5-en)

Three CDs (still available in MP3 format) have been published for each of the meditation volumes 1 and 2, on which the texts are sung in Tibetan.
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