H.E. Garchen Rinpoche asks us to practice Green Tara

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche asks us to recite early in the morning the short „Green Tara Practice“ and to dedicate for example like this:


Just as the previous Bhagavan buddhas have perfectly dedicated, just as the future Bhagavan buddhas will perfectly dedicate, and just as the present Bhagavan buddhas perfectly dedicate, like that I too dedicate perfectly.

I confess each and every wrong-doing and rejoice in all merit. I urge and supplicate to all the buddhas: May I attain the highest, most sublime primordial wisdom!

With my palms joined together I wholeheartedly take refuge in all those who possess qualities as vast as an infinite ocean: to the buddhas, the best of humans, who are living in the present, those who have lived in the past, and likewise, those who will come.

This is the supreme dedication and it also includes refuge. It is endowed with great blessings as it was spoken by the Buddha himself.